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Vertical Farms

Vertical farming is the perfect solution for growing food in small spaces.  This is the ideal solution for urban environments.  Grow food on-site and save money!

Sustainable solutions to urban environments in California.  Design and installation of custom hydroponic systems, living walls, and vertical gardens.  Hydroponic parts for commercial and residential systems.

We can help you design, build, and benefit from vertical farming!  Contact us, maybe we can grow together.


Thank you, we look forward to growing together!


Meeting our clients needs is what matters most.  Together we will strategize the best solution to suit your needs.


Our team of designers will make your solution as beautiful as it is sustainable.


Efficiency is our business.  Our project management team will make sure that your installation is a breeze.


We are happy to maintain your sustainable solution.  Our team will ensure prolonged beauty and functionality.

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