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You Won't Believe What is in This Laguna Beach Backyard

The issue of not having ample soil, or even adequate space for a garden is a problem that plagues many urban dwellers. Hydroponic food systems are one of the most user-friendly, and sustainable ways to grow healthy, organic food in your backyard.

The vertical garden photographed here is in Laguna Beach, California. This system holds 30 plant sites, and takes up only 15 square feet. What's even more cool than the industrial design is the fact that this system uses 90% less water than traditional farming, while producing yields about 40% faster. Oh yeah, one more thing.. it also uses no soil, and no pesticides. Eat that.

Right now, the agriculture industry is responsible for using 80% of the nation's fresh water. Ironically, the same industry is responsible for 70% of the pollution in the nation's rivers and streams. Compound this issue with the fact that 24 million people in America do not have access to fresh vegetables, and we have a serious issue on our hands. In fact, scientists around the world agree that the demand food will double by the year 2050. Our current ways of doing things are not longer going cut it.

No longer is the inefficient, centralized, food-production system going to suffice. Sustainable solutions such as hydroponics will be necessary in order for humans to live in symbiosis with our environment. Decentralizing food production will empower many urban communities to thrive.

If you are among the many people who see the writing on the wall, and prefer to see lettuce growing there instead, contact us! We are happy to help you grow.

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